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Weather like rain, sleet, southern humidity, and the summer sun, along with dust and dirt blew by the wind, is a mix for giving your home an ugly curb appeal. Your house may not look too dirty after a humid and sunny day or even a week of harsh weather. However, within months the effects will start showing on your roof and facade.

While the deteriorating curb appeal of your home is a problem, it’s certainly not as significant as the microorganisms that will start nesting on your home’s outdoor surfaces. A dirty roof and facade are the perfect breeding ground for fungi, mold, moss, and algae. Over time, they’ll create huge colonies and start to eat away at your roof shingles, facade, wood deck, and fencing, causing significant structural damage.

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Moss Removal from Bricks, Concrete, Greenville SC

Moss grows practically anywhere it wants; by cleaning it every six months, we can protect your surface from damage moss causes to your surface. Cutting Edge in Greenville, SC, can treat and eliminate the moss and make your surface shine again.

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