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At Cutting Edge Mowing & Water, our experts take a professional approach to our mowing services. We use state-of-the-art equipment, expertise, and professional techniques to deliver the perfect mowing service every time. Our mowing service includes the following:

  • Mowing—the grass mowers that we use are considered the most up-to-date equipment in lawn care. Our knowledgeable staff understands what mower or combination of mowers works best for different lawns. We ensure that your property looks excellent by making multiple passes over the grass if necessary.
  • Trimming—trimming, sometimes referred to as “weed-eating,” is the process of knocking down grass that grows along the edge of sidewalks against structures and places that tend to be challenging to reach with a mower. Once mowing is completed, our crew trims all areas that need attention, ensuring that your lawn has a clean, manicured look.
  • Edging—Immediately after mowing and trimming, we can edge your lawn to ensure a crisp, well-defined line and a professional look for your property. By doing this, we can keep grass from growing in areas where it doesn’t need to (i.e., sidewalks). Let us know.
  • Clean-Up—using a leaf blower, we blow grass away from areas where clippings have accumulated while mowing, trimming, and edging. We get debris off of porches, sidewalks, driveways, and patios by doing this. The result is a beautiful-looking lawn and zero work for you.

We are ready to mow!

Our crew understands that lawn mowing is about a lot more than just grass cutting. We understand the importance of proper mowing and trimming and its effect on weed issues and the overall healthiness of your grass. That’s why we use the most up-to-date cultural and mechanical lawn practices to ensure your lawn has deep roots, is healthy, and has better disease resistance.

We strive to achieve a professional, clean, well-maintained look for your property. Big or small, commercial or residential, all lawns receive the same attention to detail. Cutting Edge Mowing & Water provides quality, affordable services to keep your property in the best condition.

For the best local lawn mowing services Greenville offers, contact Cutting Edge Mowing & Water experts.

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